Haihaisoft Reader for Android is a free PDF document Reader, extremely fast launch speed and rich feature set. It is also for reading PDF document protected by DRM-X 3.0 platform.


Reader PDF documents on any Android devices (Android 2.3 or later).

Open DRM-X 3.0 protected high quality PDF documents.

There are about 5 billion mobile phones users in the world now. Smartphone market is growing dramatically. There is great potential to release your product and services on mobile market and reach mobile users.

Haihaisoft makes it possible for you to reach Android market. With Haihaisoft Android Reader customization service, you can have an Android Reader with your own brand, customized function to meet your special business requirements, and with DRM-X support.

Custom development Android reader services mainly include: adding your company's name and logo on the reader; customizing the reader skin related to your company; adding new reader features according to the user's different business uses, etc.


Haihaisoft Reader for Android is a fast and lightweight PDF Reader in Android market. It works on almost any Android devices(Android 2.3 or later); your customized reader will run and show your brand, customers will never forget you.

With your own PDF reader, it can greatly increase the value of your company. It impresses customers by providing products with your own PDF Reader.


With your own PDF reader, it can greatly increase the value of your company. It impresses customers by providing products with your own PDF Reader.

For example, your company needs to read more eBook formats, such as ePub, TXT, HTML, or you need to integrate with online eBooks store in the customized PDF Reader.


After integration, user still login on your original App. For example, your App can show purchased eBooks list. When user read protected PDF file, your App just call the customized Reader, and pass the required parameters, PDF URL, encryption member login information, and then user can automatically obtain a license, and then read protected PDF immediately. The customized Reader style can consistent with your App, while protecting the copyright of the documents, users can still feel reading eBooks is in your App. With automatically obtain the license feature, it gives customers perfect user experience.

In customized PDF reader, you can embed your website. It enables users to shopping and reading in the same App. It provides customers with a better user experience. The customized reader can listen user clicks on a PDF link in the embedded web page, then it can download the PDF file and then open the PDF file immediately.


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