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Why Haihaisoft?

  • Secure Architecture

  • Persistent Protection
  • DRM-X protects digital media files and documents with a license key to maintain content protection, even if these files are widely distributed. Each license is uniquely assigned to each computer. This prevents illegal distribution of digital media files and documents.
  • Strong Encryption
  • DRM-X includes proven encryption schemes that ensure distributed digital content files are not exposed to piracy or other illegal use.
  • New Security Architecture in DRM-X 4.0
  • Haihaisoft redesigned security architecture for DRM-X 4.0 with higher security standards, the encryption method is completely different from DRM-X 3.0. With new Xvast Packager, the encryption is more complex and strict than before. Each file's encryption is different. It makes hacking protected files much harder. You can force customers using the latest version of Xvast browser. It also support safer license revoke. You can revoke the license delivered to users in DRM-X 4.0 account.
  • Hardware Authentication
  • DRM-X identifies each computer or device by Hardware ID. With this feature computers can be identified and disabled during the licensing process. End User Authentication combined with Hardware ID feature restricts the end users can only acquire license in customers own computer or device, and prevent password share.
  • Separately Distributed Licenses and Content
  • Licenses are issued independently of the actual documents and media files, providing maximum flexibility and allowing wide distribution of content. Each time a file is opened, Xvast browser, HUPlayer or Haihaisoft PDF Reader checks to see if the consumer's computer has a license. Consumers who do not have a valid license are directed to a license registration page.
  • Blacklist
  • DRM-X Blacklist feature enable content owners control and block screen capturing or screen recording software.
  • Easy-to-Change Licensing Terms
  • Because licenses and protected files are stored separately, licensing terms can be changed on the licensing server without the need to redistribute or repackage the file.

  • Dynamic watermark
  • DRM-X provides dynamic watermarking capabilities on protected digital content. A watermark is the text includes username and text messages that are superimposed over the media files and PDF documents. In a rights managed content, the watermark can be applied dynamically as the media file is played in Xvast/HUPlayer or the document is opened in Haihaisoft PDF Reader. The watermark is not editable by users and is not permanently stored in the media file. With dynamic watermarking technology, user's piracy behavior is recorded. Content owners could easily discover who distribute piracy, and prevent further piracy.

  • Smart Prevent Screen Recording Technology(Beta)
  • In DRM-X 4.0, Haihaisoft provides the unique Smart Prevent Screen Recording Technology. It can automatically and effectively detect Screen Recording software in the market, even future Recording Screen software. It helps content providers better control the Rights of their DRM-X 4.0 protected content.
  • Smart Prevent Screen Recording supports Windows, Android and MacOS platform. In MacOS, it is actually Whitelist protection, it only allows common system programs and common used programs running. It helps you against screen recording piracy problem. Learn more...

  • Cross Platform & Browser DRM

  • Cross Platform
  • One of the very important new features in DRM-X 3.0 and DRM-X 4.0 is that it supports protected content playback in multi-platform, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS(iPhone/iPad).

  • Browser DRM
  • DRM-X 4.0 is a new generation DRM platform based-on web browser. DRM-X 4.0 gives customers higher security level of protection, it's more stable and easier to use. It supports playback online, read PDF online, interact with website, and also support local playback offline. It supports multiple platforms, Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS.

  • Better streaming, support HTML5 DRM

  • HTML5 Video DRM:
  • In Haihaisoft's DRM-X 4.0, it's using HTML5 Video tag. Content providers can easily embed video using standard HTML5 Video tag, and using famous HTML5 Player such as VideoJS, and using JavaScript to interact with HTML5 Player.

  • The advantages of HTML5 Video DRM provided by Haihaisoft:
  • 1. Strong encryption both online/offline playback.
    2. Advanced DRM-X 4.0 security features, such as dynamic watermark, blacklist, hardware combine, and Smart Prevent Screen Recording Technology.
    3. Play high definition video online/offline.
    4. User's streaming experience is as fast as Chrome's speed.
    5. Better interact with web page.
    6. Less streaming cost, auto cache content.
    7. Streaming also support CDN networks
  • In Xvast browser, using HTML5 Video tag for protected files demo:
  • Watch demo...

  • Powerful Platform

  • With DRM-X powerful online control panel in DRM-X My Account. You can easily manage rights, license profiles, user accounts, and billing. For more information, please visit. Learn more.

  • Customized Solutions

  • Haihaisoft provides a series of solutions, including DRM-X for Mobile Phones and Portable Devices, customization of Xvast browser, HUPlayer and PDF Reader, CMS (content management system), automate batch protect Audio/Video and PDF, media streaming solutions to meet customers' needs. Our solutions are deployed by companies in the training, consumer electronics, software, information publishing and corporate IT markets to solve industry-specific challenges.

  • Easy integration

  • You can easily integrate DRM-X platform with your own system by consuming Haihaisoft DRM-X XML web service. The Haihaisoft DRM-X XML web service provides the interface that your website can deliver license to customers. For example, when a customer ordered a protected content from your website, when customer plays the content, it will prompt your website customized login page, after customers input Username and Password of your websites account, they will get the license immediately to play the protected file.
    You could read the Haihaisoft DRM-X XML Web service document online and integrate with your system by your developers: Integrate with your system.
    It just like invoking standard XML web service and create a new DRM login page.
    Or you can request Haihaisoft provides the integrating service and customize the DRM login page for you, and meet your business model.
  • Best Services

  • Haihaisoft services help ensure your DRM success. We provide constant and reliable services. Our engineers ensure DRM integrates with your system and solving the problem that you meet. We provide online Help Center and keep updating for our customers.
  • No matter what your budget

  • You can protect your content with Haihaisoft DRM with any budget. Learn more about Fees: DRM-X Fees.