DRM-X 4.0 help you Protect & Defend JavaScript Code, from Reverse Engineering & Tampering. It also help you protect JavaScript with the unique advanced DRM license protection. You can control the expiration time, open count, revoke the license and so on.


UJavaScript is an open standard browser interpreted language so it needs to be front end and visible to all browsers. Unfortunately, everyone can read it just looking at the source code of the web page your script is running into, they can copy the JavaScript code, and apply to their own usage, or even debug the JavaScript, and change the features of JavaScript code.

Code obfuscation is currently one of the most common ways for protecting JavaScript code from reverse engineering. It makes programs more difficult to understand. But it’s not the best solution. Because JavaScript keywords are still exposed, it is still possible for hackers to understand the code, and in browsers hackers can still debug and knowing the variables of your JavaScript. The obfuscated Javascript can be still copied and viewed by browsers.

DRM-X 4.0 gives you a better Javascript protection solution. It encrypts Javascript with private and strong encryption. It protects JavaScript with DRM-X 4.0 rights management, and with a license.


Haihaisoft encrypt the JavaScript (together with HTML, css, images) with its own Xvast Packager in DRM-X 4.0 platform. It protects Javascript with C++ private strong encryption methods and protect with DRM-X 4.0 technology with License, and the protected Javascript can only be running in Xvast browser.

DRM-X 4.0 JavaScript Encryption can be used to protect entire static website or HTML5 web applications, includes: HTML page, Javascript, CSS, Images, Audio/Video and PDF. All of protected files are under DRM-X 4.0 digital rights management (DRM) control. You can check and change the rights permission in your DRM-X 4.0 account, and view users and license reports there.

Choose from a variety of Javascript control and digital rights management settings including open count, expiration date control, blacklist and more. Additionally, with DRM-X 4.0 content security software, you can:

  1. Disable copy. Disable view source.
  2. Disable browser Inspect Tool and Debug.
  3. Set expiry in hours or seconds.
  4. Revoke license.
  5. Block common screenshot programs and block print screen key.
  6. Prevent download of JavaScript.

Sign up and Try DRM-X 4.0 (In Xvast Packager, you can protect JavaScript, HTML, images, audio/video and PDF) that encrypts both the JavaScript and the page content that is displayed, does not deliver the decryption key with the JavaScript and uses digital rights management (DRM) controls to prevent unauthorized use and misuse of your Javascript code.

By encrypting JavaScript code using DRM-X 4.0 Xvast Packager, you can control who can run your web app, what they can do with them (copy, print, etc.) and when they can no longer be viewed (expires).

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