Haihaisoft DRM-X 4.0 video encryption platform provides VR video encryption solutions, supporting 360° Panoramic video encryption, VR teaching video encryption, VR training video encryption, etc.


With the continuous development of VR technology, more and more industries are beginning to apply VR technology, including education and training, tourism, and the exploration of the field of VR video in the film and television industry. The fascinating and immersive experience of VR panoramic video teaching will be the core of all this. Its applications include basic education VR classrooms, remote training VR video teaching and virtual VR tourism, VR training in the film industry, etc. However, the production cost of high-quality VR videos is higher than that of ordinary videos. Therefore, how to prevent piracy and dissemination of VR videos is the primary problem for VR video providers and producers.

Haihaisoft DRM-X 4.0 video encryption platform provides VR video encryption solutions, supporting 360° Panoramic video encryption, VR teaching video encryption, VR training video encryption, etc.

  1. Prevent unauthorized playback of VR videos
  2. Support license and hardware binding to prevent sharing accounts from spreading VR videos.
  3. Smart prevents screen recording and anti-ripping.
  4. Seamlessly integrate with your website. Distribute licenses and manage users more flexibly.
  5. Powerful online management system. Manage users, edit Rights and view reports at any time.

By using the Haihaisoft DRM-X 4.0 Xvast packager, you can easily and securely encrypt VR Video. You can upload the encrypted VR video to the server for safe online distribution, and you don’t need to worry about users download it.

The user needs to install the Xvast browser to open the encrypted VR panoramic video. Protected VR videos can be played on Xvast on Windows, Android and MacOS. Xvast browser is based-on latest Chrome core. Chrome now is most people's favorite browser because it's the fastest browser, and with high security level. DRM-X 4.0 protects panoramic video files with a license key to maintain content protection, even if these files are widely distributed. Each license is uniquely assigned to each computer or device. This prevents illegal distribution of Panorama / VR Video files.

DRM-X 4.0 VR panoramic video encryption supports hardware binding, one machine one code function. With the authentication combined with Hardware feature, you can restricts the end users can only acquire license in limited number of computer or mobile device. The specific device quantity can be set by content provider in the control panel of DRM-X 4.0. Turning on the hardware binding function can prevent user sharing username and password with other users, and effectively protect content security.

In DRM-X 4.0, Haihaisoft provides the unique Smart Prevent Screen Recording Technology. It can automatically and effectively detect Screen Recording software in the market, even future Recording Screen software. It helps content providers better control the Rights of their DRM-X 4.0 protected content.

The VR video encryption Smart Prevent Screen Recording and smart anti-ripping supports Windows, Android and MacOS . It eliminates most of the screen recording software.

DRM-X 4.0 VR panoramic video encryption system provides XML Web service interface. You can easily integrate your website with the DRM-X platform, for example, WordPress (LearnPress, LearnDash), Moodle and other open source website, the license acquire page can be fully customized to yours. You can use the current website and shopping cart system, which will provide the end user with a better user experience. Users can obtain licenses on your website and play encrypted VR videos, all of them can be done on the Xvast browser.

DRM-X 4.0 provide a powerful online control panel, you can easily manage, settings and view reports on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. To encrypt files, it requires that you install Xvast browser on Windows, but for other control operations, you can use other browser to manage on your tablet or mobile phone, and it supports multiple users to login to the Control Panel at the same time.

You can manage in the DRM-X 4.0 control panel: Rights open count, expiration date (accurate to seconds), blacklist, smart prevent recording, hardware bind, revoke license and so on. This ensures that your encrypted files are sent anywhere under copyright control.

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