Haihaisoft, founded in 2004, is a small software development company focuses on Digital Rights Management core technology research and development. Haihaisoft provides customers industry leading DRM platform and streaming solutions. Haihaisoft offers content protection and related solutions that enable businesses to maximize the value of their digital content products. Haihaisoft's services and solutions are deployed by companies in education, training, consumer electronics, software, information publishing and company consulting markets to solve industry-specific challenges.

In 2004, Haihaisoft became Microsoft’s Windows Media Service Provider. Haihaisoft signed contract with Microsoft, get Microsoft’s Windows DRM 9 development rights.

January 2005. Haihaisoft releases new Media DRM solutions, and support portable devices (Devices support SDMI, mobile phone, MP3 and MP4 Players).

August 16th, 2007. Haihaisoft releases new DRM-X 1.0 copy protection system in global market. DRM-X 1.0 is based-on previous XDRM system, and has been tested about more than 1 year. It based-on Haihaisoft’s own DRM core technology. It solved Microsoft DRM cracked problem by FaireUse4WM. It’s a totally new Digital Rights Management platform based-on web. It's securer and easier than before. DRM-X 1.0 supports all major media files. Such as encrypt: wma, wmv, asf, protect avi file, encrypt rm, rmvb real media files, encrypt mp3, mp4 media files, and protect PDF documents. It supports dynamic watermark, license combined with hardware, blacklist prevent screen capture software. No matter where the protected files distribute, you can manage the rights of files.

April 11th 2008. Haihaisoft releases Smart Streaming. Haihaisoft Smart Streaming (HSS) is the revolutionary streaming technology developed by Haihaisoft Limited. It streams audio/video across browsers in Windows. With HSS, no need streaming server, streaming FLV, MP4, WMV, WMA through HTTP protocol.

March 2010, Haihaisoft Universal Player and PDF Reader support latest Windows 7. DRM-X 1.0 client software keep updating, support latest operating system.

Jan 11th, 2011. Haihaisoft releases new product: Industry leading DRM-X 3.0. It’s cross platform DRM product. It supports Windows, Mac and Android mobile phone. DRM-X 3.0 help content providers enter Mac and Android smart phone and tablet market, and provide users better customer experiences.

March, 2015. Haihaisoft releases Enhanced Security mode, and it gives content providers more security options, includes Revoke License, Force Internet and Force Display Watermark. For PDF, it supports Disable Virtual Printer, only physical printer can print protected document.

May 31th, 2015. Haihaisoft releases HUPlayer for iOS. It support protected media files playback in iOS platform. It enables the protected files can be playback in all major platforms.

Oct 10, 2016. Haihaisoft releases DRM-X 4.0 (Windows) Preview. Haihaisoft redesigned security architecture for DRM-X 4.0 with higher security standards, the encryption method is completely different from DRM-X 3.0. DRM-X 4.0 with new Xvast browser, more exact Rights expiration limit, better streaming, support HTML5 DRM, better interaction with web pages, and better PDF support.

August 28th, 2017, Haihaisoft releases DRM-X 4.0 Platform Official Version. It supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. In Xvast browser, it support both Audio/Video and PDF protected files. It support both online play and local play protected audio/video, and support playlist. DRM-X 4.0 added new features such as: Smart Prevent Screen Recording Technology, and also improved Dynamic Watermark.

July 30, 2018, Haihaisoft releases Web Page Protection beta version for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It supports protect 11 new formats, includes: html, htm, bmp, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, svg, webp, js, css. You can easily protect Web Pages with all its resources. It also support protect Web Page with Audio/Video (mp3, mp4, wav, and WebM formats) and PDF.

July 11th, 2019. DRM-X 4.0 adds Prevent Screen Recording for Windows.

Feb 24th, 2020. DRM-X 4.0 releases security update for Windows and iOS (Added Smart Prevent Screen Recording). Haihaisoft provides customize browser solution for preschool education industry, includes HTML5 web page courseware encryption. It protects online courseware, also support one click to cache the course feature.

May 17th, 2021, Haihaisoft releases dynamic website encryption. It can perform high-speed encryption protection for the entire dynamic website, includes dynamic pages, PHP, ASPX, JavaScript and images are protected by DRM-X 4.0. It greatly improves website security and protects real-time video conferencing, such as Zoom Web SDK, Video Call, Interactive live broadcast, etc. It can protect the company's control panel, online office software, and prevent the company's important information from leaking. It can protect online education courseware and prevent the leakage of learning resources. It can also protect any website, such as open source website, WordPress or Moodle.

March 17th, 2022, Haihaisoft releases HHMeet for Mac and iOS. HHMeet also support Windows and Android. HHMeet is a Secure Meeting App that users can easily join DRM-X 4.0 protected Zoom Video Meeting. Using HHMeet to join a protected Zoom video conference is more stable and flexible, and video quality is better. It supports all security functions of DRM-X 4.0, such as Smart Prevent Screen Recording, dynamic digital watermark, hardware binding, and disable virtual machine.

Haihaisoft focuses on providing customer industry leading core DRM technology product, and provide customers DRM customization solutions. Our famous customers includes: TOC Goldratt, Rights Management, Kuriakos, Vriti, Princeton Review, the government of Shanghai, CGSchool, PacRim Group, PowerScore, CCGlobal and so on.

Let no piracy in the world!

Leading global DRM research and development, and wipe out piracy.

At the same time, Haihaisoft is a Christian company. In our life, we experienced God’s Amazing Love. During the hard time of developing software, we pray to Lord Jesus. It’s His protection and help until now. We have the same Christian’s Great Mission and Value: learning Jesus Christ, and Honor God’s Name. Preach Good News, love and help people.

As Haihaisoft development and the continuous improvement of products, Haihaisoft's reputation in the industry is also growing.

March 2008, Japan Finance Subsidiaries-Japan Digital Contents Association, journalists from Japan to Shanghai interview Haihaisoft. After the interview, Japan digital contents association recognized Haihaisoft's contribution to the digital content industry, and promised will recommend Haihaisoft digital rights management technology to Japan famous enterprises such as: Canon, Panasonic.

There are also some other IT technology news site reports Haihaisoft. Like Google News, itbusiness-edge.com. The later one reported with Headline Watch : "BD+ Cracked, Haihaisoft Unbroken – Itbusinessedge.com Headline Watch."

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