If you have an online eBooks or any text Web Site, you'll probably need to protect e-books or documents with DRM-X service automatically.


The Haihaisoft automate batch protect PDF documents solution is a server side encrypting PDF files solution, which nicely integrates your websites enables protect the PDF files in immediately after content owners uploaded.

You just need to provide PDF files paths, the Haihaisoft automate batch encoding solution will automatically protect files according to your settings.


Automate encrypting PDF files based-on Haihaisoft DRM-X platform in batches.

Integrates with your website seamlessly, enable protect files immediately after your customers or partners uploaded PDF files.

Full control over protecting parameters. You can set the settings in DRM-X.com.

Faster protecting speed

The easy way to protect your PDF files.

Time Savings. You don't need to hire employees to encrypt a single PDF or do the work manually.

Scalability. It can process enormous data, and integrates with your current website and services. As an example a typical Windows 2003 Server may normally be able to protect 15000-30000 PDF files per day.



All you need to do is just specify the PDF location. It can run as a background service and integrate with your website seamlessly.

Haihaisoft provides customize solutions for you to meet your needs.

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