Protect PDF, Web Pages, and Office files(needs convert to PDF or HTML web page) with DRM-X 4.0 - eBooks, training materials, technical documents, research reports, financial documents, manuscripts, legal files, and more!


Unprotected digital document can be copied and duplicated a multiple times over in a matter of seconds online, so making document secure is very important for every company. This is especially true when you consider the potential of data breach, including costly legal action, damage to your brand and reputation, loss of customer trust, and ultimately, loss of revenue. With Haihaisoft DRM-X 4.0 you can protect your business from these risks, while distributing secured PDFs, secured web pages, or publishing them to your website, where you users accesses your website to view all protected documents for which they have permissions. You can totally control the rights of your document even they are widely distributed.

DRM-X 4.0 secured files are protected with strong and private encryption method, and each data packet is permanently encrypted - no matter who's accessing the content, no matter what device is being used. The security layers and encryption with the document even if it gets saved to a local machine, corporate network, or mobile device. Depending on how you have the document set up, the user will need authentication to view the protected content. With DRM-X 4.0 protection, it keeps your document secure at all times.


How does Haihaisoft DRM-X 4.0 apply its document security protection to your files while ensuring that you maintain control even when they are widely distributed? Through its strong encryption, protected with license and authorization features. For example, you can block virtual printing(only allow physical printer in protected PDF), and set print count, you can apply a user-specific watermark, you can set various limits including license combined with device, expiration date, expiration after first use, open count and more. You can also revoke license to a specific license profile or user at any time, at the DRM-X 4.0 account Users portal, and you have access to a detailed license delivery reports to monitor how your documents are being accessed and consumed by your users. With real-time license report from DRM-X 4.0, you will gain incredible insight. Know who has opened your secured files, when, from which IP address or Device ID (You can check it if you turn on License combined with Hardware in Users).


Xvast browser is designed for opening DRM-X 4.0 protected files, it also support browsing websites like other major browsers. It's a secure and fast browser developed based-on Chrome. It supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platform. Your user needs to install Xvast browser to open protected document. Xvast gives your document and web pages strong protection, and make sure all of your DRM rights settings are applied to customer. For example, if you turn on Blacklist, it will block common screen recording and screen capture software. It also disables Print Screen in the keyboard, and protect your document or web pages text cannot copied. Xvast is not only a browser, but it includes a fast PDF reader, and it keeps your document secure and protected no matter where it transfers.

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