Haihaisoft releases iOS DRM updates - provide better DRM protection for Mobile market


Haihaisoft releases new iOS DRM client software: HUPlayer for iOS version 1.1 and Haihaisoft Reader for iOS version 1.7 to better support DRM in iOS platform.

May 31, 2015 Haihaisoft releases HUPlayer for iOS beta version 1.0. The 1.0 beta version only support MP3 and MP4 DRM encrypted file playback. But in the June 19th releases, the new HUPlayer for iOS 1.1 support HUP and WMV format. It also added features: Delete Licenses and display dynamic watermark.

June 25th 2015, Haihaisoft releases Haihaisoft Reader for iOS 1.7. This update improved PDF render speed dramatically. It also added search feature and view protected file’s Rights information.

The DRM in iOS platform support advanced DRM-X 3.0 security features, such as Dynamic watermark and Hardware Authentication(prevent password share) features. In the new DRM-X 3.0 Enhanced Security Mode, content provider can also have revoke license feature. It enables content provides revoke license they have delivered to user.

In iOS platform, the encrypted files need to be opened from HUPlayer for iOS or Haihaisoft Reader for iOS. The license acquisition page can be fully customized to content provider’s own DRM login page. It can also integrate with content provider’s website seamlessly. User only need to input content provider website’s user name and password to acquire a license, then user can open the protected file immediately.

About Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 Digital Rights Management system: DRM-X 3.0 uses Haihaisoft’s own designed DRM structure. It supports encrypt multiple file formats and provide flexible business models. It helps content provider reach customers in Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platform. DRM-X 3.0 also provide open XML web service interface. Through DRM-X 3.0 XML web service, content providers can integrate DRM-X 3.0 with their own website, and working with their current payment gateway and shopping cart system.

To learn more about DRM-X 4.0, please visit: http://www.drm-x.com/
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