Haihaisoft announces the new cross browser HUPlayer and Haihaisoft Smart Streaming 3.0

June 17, 2011, Haihaisoft releases the new HUPlayer and Haihaisoft Smart Streaming 3.0.

The new HUPlayer release breaks the limitation of HUPlayer can only support embedded in IE. Now it supports almost all browsers in Windows platform: IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Haihaisoft also releases Haihaisoft Smart Streaming 3.0 (HSS 3.0). HSS is the revolutionary streaming technology developed by Haihaisoft. It provides smooth streaming without need streaming server. Content providers can encode HSS enabled audio/video in DRM-X 3.0 Account. HSS 3.0 support streaming both DRM-X 3.0 protected and non-protected content.

The releases of HUPlayer and HSS 3.0 is new milestone of Haihaisoft DRM-X product. It enables content providers streaming high quality video online without limitation on Windows but still remain controls copyrights of the distributed content. Now Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 support multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone), and multiple browsers.

About HUPlayer: HUPlayer is a powerful cross platform and cross browser media player which supports playing almost all popular digital media formats and DRM-X 3.0 protected files.

About Haihaisoft: The leading DRM provider focuses on DRM technology research and development. Haihaisoft offers DRM-X platform enables content providers easily protect audio/video and PDF documents online and securely distribute protected content to multiple platforms and multiple browses.

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