Haihaisoft launches the next generation of DRM platform DRM-X 3.0

January 11, 2011, Haihaisoft launches the next generation of DRM platform DRM-X 3.0. Haihaisoft also announced new DRM-X website that has been redesigned to enhance user experience and functionality.

Haihaisoft focus on DRM technology research and development during the past 7 years. DRM-X 3.0 is a new milestone of Haihaisoft DRM-X platform development.

DRM-X 3.0 powerful cross platform DRM offers an outstanding level of security while creating an intuitive and engaging user experience. DRM-X 3.0 services allow content providers to protect content immediately, create new sources of revenue, and bring products to market faster.

The optimized DRM-X 3.0 enables content providers to protect and manage their digital content and monetize them over the whole world. DRM-X 3.0 focuses on supporting cross platform, mobile and portable devices. It enables growth in profits and new business models.

Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 - new content protection solution now expands to Mac, and it will support Google Android soon.

DRM-X 3.0 New Features:

New Security Design

Based-on the past 7 years DRM research and development, the new DRM-X 3.0 security designs has greatly improved both system security level and license delivery speed. It also improved important security features, such as Dynamic Watermark, Blacklist (block screen capturing software), Whitelist for Mac, and Authentication combined with Hardware.

Cross Platform DRM

In this release, Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 is committed to supporting Windows and Mac operating system. The protected contents with DRM-X 3.0 will be playback securely via new version of the cross-operating system HUPlayer or Haihaisoft PDF Reader.

Mobile DRM

With new DRM-X 3.0 cross platform architecture, it is possible to support DRM-X on Google Android (Coming soon). Haihaisoft will release its Mobile support edition of DRM-X 3.0 in the near future.

Portable Devices

Haihaisoft is able to customize and develop for HUPlayer and PDF Reader on multiple platforms, for example, Google Android based devices, Amazon Kindle, Embedded Linux and IPTV set top box.

New Upgraded Blacklist

DRM-X 3.0 enhanced Blacklist features. Now it supports block nearly 100 commonly used screen capture and recording software worldwide. It still keeps updating and against screen recording.

Whitelist For Mac

The benefit of Whitelist is that content providers can ensure the end users will not be able to use other unknown procedures, except Apple's system commonly used software can be trusted to open. The screen capturing software will automatically exit when the end users run them, so the rights of digital content will be protected effectively.

New User Interface

Haihaisoft redesigned the DRM-X Account to provide better user experiences for both end users and content providers. The User Interface now added Flash charts, it is more elegant and user friendly.

DRM-X 3.0’s strong content protection mechanisms allow secure streaming or distributing protected files to Windows, Apple Macintosh via HUPlayer and Haihaisoft PDF Reader both in IE and desktop local playback.

Haihaisoft DRM-X 1.0 Platform has enabled millions of users to enjoy high-quality rights protected content. With DRM-X 3.0, media publishers can rely on robust protection for premium content to reach more customers worldwide.

Learn more about Haihaisoft: International | Spanish | Chinese

Learn more about Haihaisoft DRM-X: International | Spanish | Chinese
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