Haihaisoft launched DRM-X business server USB offline authentication edition

Without network environment, DRM-X authentication still works.

Haihaisoft has developed a set of USB offline authentication technique based on Haihaisoft’s original DRM-X. The new technique provides content providers more business models.

DRM-X USB offline authentication has advanced user authorization, powerful data encryption, flexible function extension and friendly user experience.

Meanwhile, it also could realize play back, rights control, expiration date control and support multiple video formats. To provide large and Medium-sized enterprises a whole solution for multimedia file copyright protection.

DRM-X USB offline authentication could be widely applied to those enterprises that need higher level of security, for example, online education, distant learning, and enterprises data protection.

Even though user copies the encrypted file to the other computers, the file is still in encrypted state. Therefore, user still couldn't open the encrypted file unless he got the username, password and U Disk from content providers.

The method of USB offline authentication binds username, password to U disk ID, one U disk ID only correspond to one username and password. Therefore, it becomes safer and enhances the confidentiality. Content providers could easily release their courses to any places with U Disk.

Main Function Introduction:

Play encrypted content
When user open the encrypted video in the U Disk without network environment, the user only need set "get license from USB device", then user will be able to play the encrypted video. No need to input username and password (content providers has written license in the U Disk).

User authorization authentication
Each file in the U Disk was bound to PC hardware, and one license was only able to used one PC.

If user copy license file to other computers, the license is invalid. If user copies the encrypted file to other computers, user still need input username and password. So, don't worry about the transmission of the encrypted files.

Rights control
Content providers could control the encrypted file rights, and set - how many times could the user play after purchasing.
When your user opens the encrypted file, system will automatically deduct a sum certain money from user's account. The amount deducted is what you set for the rights.

There is no need to encrypt the file again if content providers want to change the rights of some contents.

Expiration date control
Content providers could also set expire date of the license. If expire date is exceeded, the encrypted file couldn't be opened. You can also set begin date of the license. Therefore, presale courses are possible.

Support multiple video formats
  • Windows multimedia format: WMV, ASF, AVI
  • Real multimedia format: RMVB, RM
  • Adobe multimedia format: FLV, SWF
  • H.264 high-definition format: MP4
  • Audio format: Mp3, RM, WMA
Haihaisoft DRM-X business server USB authentication edition breaks network restrictions. It is not only effective guarantee of content security, but also for content providers to develop a new offline-license business model.

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