Haihaisoft Releases Spanish Official Website

Haihaisoft has officially released a Spanish version of the website Haihaisoft.com (http://www.haihaisoft.com/es/) in June 2010. Haihaisoft is excited to provide a new language platform for Spanish-speaking customers. By providing the site in alternate languages - English, Chinese and Spanish, customers can easily choose and change website language to their own language.

Haihaisoft, is the world leader in digital rights management industry. Founded in 2004, Haihaisoft established its mission build the best content protection software enables the knowledge assets protection securer and easier.Haihaisoft's services and solutions are deployed by companies in entertainment, consumer electronics, gaming, software, information publishing and corporate IT markets to solve industry-specific challenges.

Haihaisoft DRM-X platform launched in 2007, just in three years, the licenses have delivered 70,000,000. More than 9,000 businesses using DRM-X now. DRM-X customers coming from more than 163 countries worldwide. Haihaisoft Universal Player and PDF Reader have powerful features and keep updating. The global downloads have also been successful breakthrough 5,000,000 so far. All software are kept updating to against pirates. The content protection has never been so easy and reliable.

Haihaisoft development team has a dedicated focus and commitment to delivering the best and the most reliable content protection software to customers. Haihaisoft consistently and continually update its product meet the needs of its customers.

About Haihaisoft DRM-X

Haihaisoft DRM-X provides the unique, cost-effective and highly secure on-demand DRM service that you can easily protect, publish, and sell Audio/Video and documents. It gives you total control over who accesses your digital content and under what terms, enabling you to increase revenue, bring products to market faster, and attract new customers.

With the revolutionary technology of DRM-X, it supports the most popular media formats, such as, Windows Media (WMA, WMV, and ASF), Real Media (RM, RMVB), Flash Video (FLV), MP4, MP3, AVI media, SWF Flash movie and PDF document.

Learn more about Haihaisoft: International | Spanish | Chinese

Learn more about Haihaisoft DRM-X: International | Spanish | Chinese

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