New Haihaisoft Smart Streaming - Supports FLV streaming

Haihaisoft Smart Streaming (HSS) is the revolutionary streaming technology developed by Haihaisoft Corporation. It solves the traditional streaming media publishing with streaming media servers and consumes high bandwidth problem. Haihaisoft Smart Streaming supports DRM-X, it still keeps the privacy and security of the encrypted streaming media content.

1. Supports FLV streaming

You don’t need to use Media Streaming Server any more, like Microsoft Media Server or Helix Server. You can host HSS content on any Web server. You just need to encode the content by Haihaisoft DRM-X Online Audio/Video Packager, and then upload HSS content to your server for publishing.

Haihaisoft Smart Streaming not only supports WMV,WMA streaming, but also provides FLV streaming. Any user can connect to your website and play the content by using Haihaisoft Universal Player ActiveX control in IE.

Haihaisoft Universal Player has its own online ActiveX Player which supports playing protected or unprotected media files online smoothly.

As usual, the streaming cost is calculated by the times a video is played. So it will cost a lot if the user plays the same video for many times. But now, through Haihaisoft Smart Streaming, it costs only one time no matter how many times the user plays the video. So it will help you save a lot of streaming fee. The users can be free to play the streaming again without downloading. It makes your user experience more perfect.

Haihaisoft Smart Streaming features:

1.No need streaming server
2.Stream through most firewalls
3.Stream content with Digital Rights Management
4.Fast Streaming
5.Stream without downloading
7.Less streaming cost
8.Easy to play

2. New Haihaisoft Universal Player 1.5.3 supports Delete License function

Few users could not obtain licenses to play when they opened the encrypted videos by DRM-X, the content providers need to send the "Delete License Tool" to solve the related problem.

With Haihaisoft Universal Player, the content providers don't need to send the "Delete License Tool", so the users just need to use Haihaisoft Universal Player to delete license.

The users can find the Delete License Function at Haihaisoft Universal Player:
"Menu" -- "View" -- "Options" -- "Tweaks", click "Delete License in your PC" button, it enables users easily delete licenses without "Delete License Tool".
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