Big Bang in Media Streaming - Haihaisoft Smart Streaming Released!


No need Streaming Server anymore and with the highest secure protection,Haihaisoft Smart Streaming launched!

Haihaisoft Smart Streaming Features and benefits:

  • No need media streaming server
  • Stream through most firewalls
  • Stream content with Digital Rights Management
  • Fast Streaming
  • Stream without downloading
  • Indexing
  • Less streaming cost
  • Easy to play

Hosting HSS Content

You can use any Web server to host Haihaisoft Smart Streaming content. You don’t need to use Media Streaming Server any more, like Microsoft Media Server or Helix Server. You can host HSS content on any Web server. To stream from a Web server, you just need to encode the content by Haihaisoft DRM-X Online Audio/Video Packager (Very fast speed! It will encrypt from your file and output to your local hard disk directly), and then copy the content to your server for publishing. Any user can then connect to your site and play audio and video content with Haihaisoft Universal Player or Haihaisoft Universal Player ActiveX Control.? The whole course is so easy that it just likes publishing an image.
There are just a few tasks to complete to prepare for Web server streaming. One of the tasks is encoding your content by Haihaisoft DRM-X Packager.

The only thing that should be done before you can stream your content is that you need to encode your content into HSS types.

Comparison of features for Haihaisoft Smart Streaming

The following list describes each feature.

  • Stream through most firewalls.
    Firewalls are special servers that filter information that flows between the Internet and private networks or intranets. Many firewalls are set up by default to block data that isn't from a Web server—data such as a Haihaisoft Smart Streaming. Firewalls can be reconfigured to allow this data into the intranet. Alternatively, Haihaisoft Smart Streaming can be configured to stream using the same protocol as Web servers, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP.
  • Stream content with Digital Rights Management.
    Content that has been packaged using Haihaisoft DRM-X Platform, which is the most secure and powerful On-Demand DRM solution, can be streamed or downloaded from either type of server. Haihaisoft DRM-X Platform helps content owners distribute licensed digital media over the Internet with superior quality.
  • Fast Streaming.
    A feature of Haihaisoft Smart Streaming that allows for a combination of streaming, downloading, and caching to provide the best user experience. Fast Streaming includes Fast Start, which downloads the first few seconds of the content at as high a bit rate as possible, so the wait to start playing is reduced; Fast Cache, which uses available bandwidth to cache as much content as possible ahead of playback; Fast Recovery, which sends error correction data with the data packets instead of waiting for an error to occur; and Fast Reconnect, which enables the server to automatically restore connections that are lost.
  • Less Streaming.
    As usual, the streaming cost is calculated by the times a video is played. So it will cost a lot if the user plays the same video for many times. But now, through Haihaisoft Smart Streaming, it costs only one time no matter how many times the user plays the video. So it will help you save a lot of streaming fee.

For more details about the way how HSS works, see Haihaisoft Smart Streaming Demo

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