Haihaisoft releases new Haihaisoft Universal Player and reveal its surprising new features


Haihaisoft, a global leader in digital rights management industry, provides DRM service for more than 1200 organizations. After Haihaisoft Universal Player's 2-year-old birthday, Haihaisoft released new player version 1.2, which has surprising new features. Now the player saves more system resources, becomes more stable for all media format, and with new skin structure that will enable users to build and publish their own skin to Haihaisoft Skin community.

Haihaisoft Universal Player has been downloaded around one million times worldwide until November 6th. It is becoming more and more popular, and attracting more users.

The new Haihaisoft Universal Player inherits it's big advantages for users: It's ALL-IN-ONE player supports almost all popular digital media formats and can also play digital media files protected by DRM-X platform. Users don't need to install multiple players to waste their computer hardware resources. The new player's file size is just 23.4MB.

"We provide creative and stable player to users for playing both protected and unprotected media content. Users never need to suffer protected content anymore. The new Haihaisoft Universal Player greatly saves user's system resources, and enables user to customize their own skin and enjoy faster and more stable ActiveX player playback in Internet Explorer." said Harry Shine, CTO of Haihaisoft, in the player press release.

Haihaisoft Universal Player 1.2 helps Haihaisoft stay competitive in player market.

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