DRM-X - The world's first DRM platform that supports protecting MP4.

Haihaisoft, a global leader in digital rights management industry, delivered more than 70,000,000 licenses worldwide. Haihaisoft provides DRM service for more than 1200 organizations.

October 14th, 2008, Haihaisoft announced that the DRM-X.com has releases the new function that supports protecting new MP4 media format.

Although Apple's digital rights management (DRM) system FairPlay supports protect MP4, but it's only for mp4 audio files. FairPlay-protected files are regular MP4 container files with an encrypted AAC audio stream.

MP4 files are generally used to contain MPEG-4 media, including not only MPEG-4 audio and/or video, but also MPEG-4 presentations, and AAC audio stream.

Haihaisoft is the world's first company that provides the software protect MP4 format both for audio and video, which can be played in Haihaisoft Universal Player.

The new Protect MP4 file is available at DRM-X.com, Protect Audio/Video Section. DRM-X platform protect MP4 features enable content owners can easily protect, publish, and sell their MP4 movie files and training courses in several minutes.

With Haihaisoft DRM-X platform, content owners will never worry about distribute their content. Content owners can securely package their digital files for distribution by encrypting the content with Haihaisoft DRM-X Online Packager. To play a packaged file, the consumer must obtain a license that contains this key. The license, which is distributed separately from the content, enables the content owner to set rules that determine how the packaged file can be played. Once a license has been received, a consumer can watch to the file based on the rules arranged by the content owner.

To play protected content, consumers need to use Haihaisoft Universal Player. It is a powerful media player which supports almost all media formats. Haihaisoft Universal Player has downloaded more than 1 million times until now. It's becomes more and more popular. Haihaisoft is also planing developing Haihaisoft Universal Player in Apple Mac, and Linux. As it's schedule, it will be released in 1 year.
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