Haihaisoft announces Media DRM added the unique function which enables content owners encrypt MMS or HTTP Streaming Media

The new innovation of DRM industry powered by Haihaisoft on November 1th, which enables content owners encrypt MMS or HTTP Streaming Media. Before November 1th 2006, there is no way to encrypt MMS or HTTP Streaming Media, we can only encrypting streaming from capture card, but now we can encrypt Streaming Media, and just copy the mms or http link. There is no quality loss, and it is real time.

The broadband is growing rapidly, more and more TV programs, live events, and online education broadcasting video and audio online. The rapidly growing market in dire need of the technology can protect content real time and without any loss quality.

Haihaisoft solved this technical problem, and announces the new unique function Live Protecting MMS and HTTP Streaming Media. It supports Windows Media Format files with ASF, WMA, and WMV extension. It also supports P2P live broadcasting by Haihaisoft Live P2P solutions.

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