CPI Academy protects its online courses(Zoom Meeting and Recorded MP4) with DRM-X 4.0


CPI Academy protects its online courses(Zoom Meeting and Recorded MP4) with DRM-X 4.0

CPI Academy is an engineering technical training institute from Madrid, Spain. The CPI team consists of multidisciplinary engineers with curriculum disciplines including: aerospace engineering, maritime engineering, civil engineering, mining engineering, energy engineering, materials engineering, and industrial engineering. CPI provides students with theory books, exam question analysis, and face-to-face or online personal tutoring. Classes are delivered in both live Zoom classes and Recorded MP4 video. Students can take classes in real time via computer, pad or mobile phone.

To protect its Zoom Meeting and Recorded MP4 courses from piracy and malicious distribution, CPI Academy chose to use DRM-X 4.0 to protect its Zoom Meeting and Recorded MP4 video courses. Protecting Zoom Meeting with DRM-X 4.0, can effectively prevent users from using the software to record meetings to illegally share content, prevent unauthorized users from joining Zoom Meeting, and the encrypted Zoom Meeting can be bound to the user's authorization and hardware to prevent users from sharing accounts. Using DRM-X 4.0 protection of recorded MP4 video courses also support Smart Prevent Screen Recording, Hardware Binding and Dynamic Watermarking features.

About DRM-X 4.0 encryption platform

DRM-X 4.0 is a new generation of DRM platform based on Xvast (Chrome) browser and HHMeet(Zoom) video conference. DRM-X 4.0 supports: Audio/Video Protection, HHMeet(Zoom Meeting Protection), PDF Document Security Encryption, HTML Web pages Encryption, Image Protection, VR panoramic video encryption and DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection system all of them with advanced DRM license protection. With Smart Prevent Screen Recording technology, Dynamic Watermarking, License Combined with Hardware and other advanced security protection to keep protected content safe from piracy threats. DRM-X 4.0 supports Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android systems.

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