Recommended upgrade to DRM-X 4.0, 1st month free, DRM-X 3.0 old account 6 months free


Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 was launched in 2011, serving customers for nearly 7 years. DRM-X 3.0 was promoted as a cross-platform DRM product for Win 7 and Android. DRM-X 3.0 technology and architecture is old, Haihaisoft still provides technical support and update and maintenance, but DRM-X 3.0 upgrade and optimization are very limited, there are even individual Bug, you must upgrade to the latest DRM-X 4.0 to solve. Oct 10th, 2016, Haihaisoft releases new DRM-X 4.0 Preview version, and in August 2017 Haihaisoft releases DRM-X 4.0 platform officially version.

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In order to help DRM-X 3.0 customers to successfully upgrade to DRM-X 4.0, we provide DRM-X 4.0 first month free, allow commercial use. And if your DRM-X 4.0 continue to make payment, your DRM-X 3.0 old account free for 6 months. It gives your end-users more time to upgrade DRM-X 4.0. After your DRM-X 3.0 free 6-month extension expires, if you also want to continue using DRM-X 3.0, you only need pay 20% of the DRM-X 3.0 price (You shall make annual payment, and continue to pay DRM-X 4.0) you can still use DRM-X 3.0. We currently expect DRM-X 3.0 to be gradually replaced by DRM-X 4.0 in the next 3-4 years. So the sooner you upgrade, the better your current product sales, security, and user experience will be.

You don’t need to worry about upgrading technical issues, we will provide good technical support to help you upgrade to DRM-X 4.0. The upgrade usually takes only 1-2 weeks, configure DRM-X and re-encrypt video files and publish protected video files. Technical support includes: upgrade documents, control panel settings, instructing you to encrypt video using the new Xvast browser and Xvast packager, batch import of users to DRM-X 4.0, integrate with website, end-user FAQs and more.

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