What bugs does DRM-X 4.0 fix?


Haihaisoft redesigned security architecture for DRM-X 4.0 with higher security standards, the encryption method is completely different from DRM-X 3.0. The DRM-X 4.0 client is the Xvast browser, Xvast is based-on the latest Chrome kernel. Now Chrome is the most liked browser because of its speed, security level is very high, and supports all the latest HTML5 standards. Therefore, Haihaisoft developed Xvast browser based on Google Chrome, also makes Xvast browser more secure. Xvast is safer and more stable than HUPlayer.

What DRM-X 3.0 bugs fix by DRM-X 4.0?

1. Few users in windows computer has dual-screen drag display problems, and dual-screen playback problem. In DRM-X 4.0, the Xvast browser has been fixed.

2. Obtain license on Windows, because IE error cannot get the license, user must upgrade IE browser or reset IE, or downgrade IE security to solve this problem. This problem does not exist in DRM-X 4.0, because Xvast itself is a browser and does not rely on IE.

3. HUPlayer for Mac. HUPlayer cannot start on Mac 10.13 High Sierra. This problem does not exist on DRM-X 4.0.

4. HUPlayer for Windows, because the graphics card driver is not correct, it displays error message: Render Failed. DRM-X 4.0 does not have this problem.

5. Online playing slow performance on Windows. DRM-X 4.0 has been updated. Smooth online play with the same effect as Chrome.

6. HUPlayer Error: Domain Parse Error 4. DRM-X 4.0 Xvast browser fixed this problem, because Xvast browser supports the latest IPV6.

DRM-X 4.0 Compared to DRM-X 3.0, In addition to resolving bugs, what are the optimizations made?

1. Online play optimization, support playback of HTML5 video play online, and JavaScript interactive. Support HD video hardware decoding in Android platform. Audio playback support 5.1-channel surround audio output.

2. Play audio/video and read PDF, just install one Xvast browser. In Xvast Windows and Mac, PDF support online read. In Android and iOS, PDF needs to be downloaded before read.

3. DRM-X 4.0 China edition hosts server in China with CDN acceleration. Getting license is faster.

4. Smart Prevent Screen Recording (Beta). In DRM-X 4.0, Haihaisoft provides the unique Smart Prevent Screen Recording Technology. It can automatically and effectively detect Screen Recording software in the market, even future Recording Screen software. It helps content providers better control the Rights of their DRM-X 4.0 protected content.

5. On Windows and Mac, it support for the second watermark. Watermark security is improved. In DRM-X 4.0, you can change Watermark size, color, transparency and speed.

6. Integration with the website. End users can use the current website and shopping cart system in the Xvast browser, it provides better customer experience, your customers acquire license and view protected files online in your website. All of these can be done in Xvast browser.

DRM-X 4.0 is gradually replacing DRM-X 3.0, and it is recommended that you upgrade it as soon as possible. The sooner you upgrade, it will be great help to your current product sales, security, and user experience.

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