Haihaisoft announces DRM added new function support combined authentication with Hardware

Haihaisoft is the first provider to let their DRM solution combined with hardware, which can better control the delivery of license.

Haihaisoft became the first provider in industry to release DRM Solution which can be combined with Hardware, which can completely replace using USB Card to recognize the hardware device.

In most current traditional Media DRM systems, user need to login with username and password in order to get license. But there is one potential problem. If the user shares his/her username and password with his/her friend, the content provider's benefits will be affected. Although we could limit the times of getting licenses, with some very expensive courseware, user still tends to leak username and password. With the DRM solution combined with hardware, this problem has solved. When the user is being authenticated, Haihaisoft DRM system can recognize the legal user's PC because when the user get license for the first time, Haihaisoft DRM system links the user with his/her PC. Only recognized PC can get license. If the users share username and password to others, other user can not get license from License Server. Compared with traditional DRM concept and technology, Haihaisoft DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution can greatly lower the user's cost and protects content provider's profit. March 1, 2006.
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