Haihaisoft releases Xvast for iOS beta and new advertising film


May 30th, 2017. Haihaisoft releases Xvast (DRM) browser beta version for iOS. Now DRM-X 4.0 support: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platform. DRM-X 4.0 Enterprise account support all these platform with full features.

Xvast for iOS, it’s a web browser based-on Apple’s WebView, it includes media player and PDF reader. Currently, it supports DRM-X 4.0 encrypted mp3, mp4, and PDF files. Your customer only need to install one Xvast app to open both protected audio/video and PDF files. User can click file URL in web page to download the protected files, and then open it in Xvast. Xvast iOS, it includes fast PDF reader within itself. It supports outline, reflow, links, search PDF, and check Licenses. Your customers can also synchronize protected files from iTunes to devices through File Sharing.

Xvast browser, it fully supports DRM-X 4.0 security features. It gives content provider totally control the rights of their protected media and PDF files, such as: begin date and expiration date, open count, dynamic watermark, license combined with hardware, and so on. You can also revoke user’s license.

Xvast iOS, Apple Store link:

Haihaisoft also published new advertising film to help customers understand more clearly about DRM-X 4.0, how it helps you solve the digital content piracy problem.

Watching DRM-X 4.0 Advertising Film online:

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