Haihaisoft Cuts DRM-X 3.0 Server Edition Prices by 74% at most



To help content providers adopt DRM-X 3.0 Server Edition easier, Haihaisoft cuts DRM-X 3.0 Server Edition price. From previous sales for large enterprises, adjusting to adapt to small, medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises.

Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 provides safe, stable and continuous updating DRM service for content providers for long time. It provides effective protection to help genuine digital content securely distribute and sell online. This time Haihaisoft cuts DRM-X 3.0 Server Edition much lower than before, and ensure software quality and service won’t change. For content providers which demand DRM service deploy to their own server, this is surely good news. Haihaisoft keep investing in research and development in DRM security, and continuous provide customer software update to hep content providers against new security threats.

DRM-X 3.0 Server Edition Price

DRM-X 3.0 Server Edition including: License Server, DRM-X 3.0 Encryption Packager, Online Management System, HUPlayer, Haihaisoft PDF Reader, Haihaisoft ePub Reader. All Server side applications are running on content provider’s own server. The highest version DRM-X 3.0 Server Enterprise Edition (Audio/Video+PDF) support Audio/Video/PDF protection, in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platform.

DRM-X 3.0 server edition include 2 years free technical support.

This sale model enables content providers easily publish their contents to many different platforms (it needs cross platform account) without worry about license delivery amount. You can securely deliver your content anyway, and starting maximize the value of your content without additional license cost.

With DRM-X 3.0 server edition, content providers not only can manage rights, license profiles, user accounts, reports and billing, but also set some advanced protection features, such as Dynamic Watermark, Blacklist, Whitelist and License combined with hardware features.

The Advantages of DRM-X 3.0 Server Edition

DRM-X 3.0 services running on the content provider’s own server.All license deliver service, DRM-X 3.0 Control Panel and database are running on the content provider’s own server.

The license deliver amount is unlimited. DRM-X 3.0 server edition works the same way as online DRM-X 3.0 account running in DRM-X.com. The difference is that the end users amount and license deliver amount is unlimited.

Support customization service. DRM-X 3.0 server edition includes HUPlayer, Haihaisoft PDF Reader, Haihaisoft ePub Reader, DRM-X 3.0 Encryption Packager, License Server and DRM-X 3.0 Control Panel. Customization development needs to pay extra cost according to customer’s requirements.

DRM-X 3.0 server edition is only licensed to one domain name and one content provider.

The new DRM-X 3.0 Server Edition Prices after discount

Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 platform is a scalable, flexible and secure content protection solution that enables the distribution and monetization of premium content. It against piracy and protect the legitimate benefits of content providers.

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Learn more about Haihaisoft DRM-X3.0: International | Chinese

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