Haihaisoft PDF Reader 1.1.4v - Provides dynamic watermarking and hidden Download Temp Folder capabilities

Haihaisoft released Haihaisoft PDF Reader 1.1.4 version, Haihaisoft knows user experience is very important for users, so Haihaisoft PDF Reader keeps updating and supports the latest PDF Standard.

New interesting features of Haihaisoft PDF Reader 1.1.4 version include dynamic watermarking and hide Download Temp Folder capabilities. It is certain that the new version still offers such important features as 39 languages, no spyware, no adware. The encrypted PDF can be easily published at campus websites, Press and E-book Store.

Haihaisoft PDF Reader supports open the encrypted PDF by DRM-X and Adobe PDF.

Latest Update:

1. Provides dynamic watermarking

Now the encrypted PDF not only supports PDF documents disable print or copy, but also added dynamic watermarking.

The dynamic watermarking shows your company name and the username on the encrypted PDF documents when the users browse it. It helps you that enhance your reputation. A watermark is superimposed over the PDF documents. It is not editable by users, and the watermark is dynamically read from DRM-X platform.

2. Supports Hidden Downloaded Temp Files

Now Haihaisoft PDF Reader supports hidden Downloaded Temp Files feature, it enables content providers set whether to allow users to see download temporary files according to their business models.

If temporary files not allow the users to download, the content providers can hidden the "DownloadedTempFiles" option.

Haihaisoft PDF Reader is a free and lightweight PDF Reader for everyone. It is green, no spyware and no adware always our features. We believe you will like it!  Update Now