Xvast for Windows and MacOS upgraded to Chrome 92, bug fixes and optimization of dynamic website encryption


Xvast浏览器 Windows和MacOS升级至Chrome 92,修复Bug和优化动态网站加密保护

In June 2021, Haihaisoft officially released the new Windows version and Mac version of the Xvast browser. This update is based on the new Chrome 92 kernel, with all the DRM-X 4.0 copy protection features of the previous Xvast browser.

The new version of the browser starts faster and responds faster, and at the same time the CPU occupancy rate is greatly reduced, which greatly improves the page JavaScript loading speed, and the protected audio and video rendering and playback are also smoother.

In the new kernel Xvast, Haihaisoft has also made more optimizations for encrypted dynamic websites, and better supports and protects dynamic websites and html pages.

The "back-forward cache" of desktop platforms (such as Windows and MacOS) is supported by default. When the user enables this feature, if they visit a previously visited page and use the back/forward button, the page will be able to reopen immediately instead of reloading the resource again. The "back-forward cache " function will freeze the previously browsed web pages, and will not run any JavaScript scripts, and can be used normally when restored.

Other updates:

  • Support AV1 codec
  • Prioritize HTTPS connection
  • Rename window

The Xvast browser kernel update fixes the MacOS 11 system crash bug and further improves the stability. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest kernel Xvast.

Check and update the latest version of Xvast browser: https://www.xvast.com