DRM-X 4.0 releases HTML5 Webpage Encryption beta for Windows, MacOS and Android


With the rapid development of mobile Internet, HTML5 is increasingly sought after by website providers and application developers. Because of its concise, beautiful, and stunning results, it gives users very good user experience, but HTML web pages also have a disadvantage. The code is easy to expose, plus debugging tools can tamper with the website code, and their hard work is so easily stolen by others.

In order to solve this problem, Haihaisoft DRM core technology provider, DRM-X 4.0 platform added HTML5 web content protection service, reinforce protection of web pages, images, Javascript, and all resource files to prevent hackers from obtaining malicious code by source code. Haihaisoft makes encryption and protection of HTML5 web content and applications a private asset of yours. It is no longer about being copied or attacked by others. The only requirement for users is the need to install the Xvast browser. The user experience is the same as Chrome browser.

Haihaisoft DRM-X 4.0 protects webpage is different from the traditional principle of webpage encryption. It uses proprietary algorithms for high-intensity encryption and is protected with licenses. It can set multiple permissions, such as open count, expiration date, and dynamic watermark, hardware binding, prevent the recording screen, etc. The security is much higher than traditional encryption. Traditional webpage encryption only supports encryption of HTML code through Javascript encoding. Such encrypted webpage source code is viewed and encryption can be easily decrypted and reversed.

With DRM-X 4.0, it encrypts web pages includes html, css, JavaScript and images, and control who can view your web content. Stop copying, prevent printing and print screen, and expire content when it should no longer be viewed.

Support protect web content formats: html, htm, bmp, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, svg, webp, js, css

Encrypted web content currently supports Windows, MacOS and Android. Haihaisoft will support it in Apple iOS platforms in the near future.

View HTML Webpage Protection Tutorial:

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