Haihaisoft releases new Xvast for Windows and Android support MP3 protection


Dec 29rd, 2016, Haihaisoft releases new version of Xvast for Windows and Android platform. For Windows, Xvast now support Play Faster and Play Slower if you right click menu in Video. It makes local playback files much easier. For online video, using VideoJS HTML5 Player, it supports different play rate in VideoJS Player skin. It gives user better playback experiences, and it is close to desktop player experience. For online playback, it’s much better than desktop player.

Xvast for Windows and Android also support protected MP3. You can play protected mp3 both online in Xvast browser or play protected mp3 files in local computer without internet connection. You can embed MP3 file in web page. It also support HTML5 player skin, such as VideoJS. You can also right click in the mp3 player in browser, and choose Play Faster or Play Slower.

Here is protected mp3 demo page: www.xvast.com/demo-audio.html

Xvast for Windows and Android download page: www.xvast.com