Haihaisoft helps Mns2U built powerful educational platform base-on Open Source projects


Mns2U is a company specializing in developing eLearning and Multimedia content using the latest available technology.

Haihaisoft provides turn-key solutions for Mns2U to monetize their valuable courses.

The Mns2U educational platform is based-on:

1. Joomla - The famous open source CMS platform.
2. Dokeos - The famous open source e-Learning platform.
3. Joomla - Virtuemart, The famous shopping cart component for Joomla.
4. DRM-X - The most powerful Digital Rights Management platform.

The Mns2U education platform features:

Haihaisoft provides seamlessly integration between these open source projects. It’s a big challenge, because all of them are different. Haihaisoft rewrote some modules of Joomla and Dokeos, and changed the core code, and allow them integrated seamlessly.

Mns2U’s benefits:

1. Mns2U can securely publish DRM-X protected content in Joomla and Dokeos. Mns2U can set price in VirtueMart Joomla, and enable digital downloads and watch video online business models. It supports multiple online payment methods, such as Paypal, Credit Card payment. It also integrated with Dokeos seamlessly, when user register a Mns2U account, it will auto register to Joomla, Dokeos and DRM-X accounts. All these accounts data are synchronized. Once user bought courses from Joomla, the user will auto enroll course in Dokeos, and get license permission to watch protected video online or downloaded it. Once user login to Joomla, he or she can also click one button login to Dokeos, and start learning their online courses.

2. Mns2U educational platform integrates the most powerful open source projects and DRM-X content protection platform. This seamlessly integration allows Mns2U enjoy all the benefits of these famous open projects, and achieved protect, publish, sell, and manage content online.

View integration with Joomla and Dokeo and DRM-X Demo.

About Mns2U

Mns2U is a company specializing in developing eLearning and Multimedia content using the latest available technology. This treasure throve of knowledge is available to customer online now where they have the freedom to study at your own pace and time without the hassle of travelling and the light cost of attending a live seminar.

About DRM-X

DRM-X is a powerful content protection platform for content providers to protect, publish, and sell Audio/Video and PDF documents. Content providers can easily apply DRM-X’s advanced rights protection technologies, such as Blacklist, authentication combined with end users' Computer Hardware ID, Dynamic Watermark and Haihaisoft Smart Steaming (HSS).

About Haihaisoft

Haihaisoft, founded in 2004, is the leader in digital rights management industry. Haihaisoft offers content protection and related solutions that enable businesses to maximize the value of their digital content products. Haihaisoft's services and solutions are deployed by companies in entertainment, consumer electronics, gaming, software, information publishing and corporate IT markets to solve industry-specific challenges.

Haihaisoft's mission is: Powering Digital Content Trade, and makes content securely accessible and valuable.

For more DRM-X 1.0 information: www.drm-x.com
For more DRM-X 2.0 information: www.drm-x.com

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