Ark Shanghai chooses Haihaisoft Media Total solutions

 A hopping concert venue, ARK Live House in Shanghai has revived the rock scene in Shanghai by importing bands from Beijing, Japan, and occasionally the U.S.

Ark Shanghai chooses Haihaisoft Media solutions, includes Haihaisoft Encoding solutions to encode live video from camera, and Haihaisoft Media DRM to protect live video, and Haihaisoft Hosting & Streaming to delivery content to Ark Servers in China, Japan, and US, and Haihaisoft Web solutions to sell live video online.

The CTO Mr. Xu said, "In the weekends, and some important events, there are too many customers want to enter our live house. Because the limited space, our live house can only accept about 1000 people. We demand an online broadcasting system can provide music and videos for our customers at anytime in anywhere. We chose Haihaisoft, because they can provide us totally solutions, from encoding, encrypting, and delivering to billing, and they can deploy very fast. Now we have video servers in China, Japan, and US. We can broadcast our live show to anyone in anywhere. Haihaisoft built very powerful online user member system for us. Our customers just need to login to our website, and become our membership, and pay online through Paypal US or Paypal China. We have Haihaisoft DRM system and we don’t need to worry about pirated anymore, even the customers record the video in computer, the files are still protected. Even If they copied the files to their friends, their friends still need to pay us to watch the content. Our business has become much easier."
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