Haihaisoft published DRM-X Video Encryption Display Output HDMI Hardware Binding Solution


Haihaisoft published DRM-X Video Encryption Display Output HDMI Hardware Binding Solution

Haihaisoft is a software development company focuses on Digital Rights Management core technology research and development. For digital content protected by encryption, in addition to prevention of the screen recording software, Haihaisoft has included a variety of related solutions in DRM-X 4.0, such as blacklist, Smart Prevent Screen Recording Technology and Dynamic Watermark (including the Second Enhanced Security Watermark) and other solutions.

However, there are still very few users who may use a hardware recording solution to record video by purchasing an HD recording device with an HDMI interface. So how to effectively prevent the display hardware output is also an important part of video protection. In response to this problem, Haihaisoft DRM-X 4.0 on the Windows platform, through the customize browser, can achieve the limit of the number of hardware displayed and output when the encrypted video is played by the user. For desktop computers, only one display device output is allowed. For laptops, only internal display output is allowed. By limiting the display output scheme, it is possible to effectively prevent users from connecting other HDMI recording hardware on the computer for video theft.

At present, Haihaisoft provides this solution in the customized Windows version of Xvast browser, and has been successfully applied to customized customer.

Haihaisoft Display Output HDMI hardware detection and binding solution can achieve:

  • Limit the number of display output. The default is 1 display output device.
  • Only allow the internal display of the laptop to run and display the video content.
  • The display output hardware model can be detected, and the specified display output hardware can be limited.
  • The type of display output can be detected, for example: HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.

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