Saving 99% server bandwidth - Haihaisoft released latest Haihaisoft Live 3.0 P2P broadcast solution

Haihaisoft released the new version - Haihaisoft Live 3.0. There is a significant improvement compared with 2006 version.

Haihaisoft Live is the world's leading P2P technology. Using Haihaisoft Live, a common server with 5M-bandwidth can successfully broadcast high-definition video (within 512Kbps) to 500,000 users simultaneously worldwide.

In the world, only Haihaisoft and few companies are able to provide H.264 high-definition P2P solutions which can save over 98% bandwidth costs.

Haihaisoft Live P2P technology that dramatically reduces the bandwidth needed. It solved the serious problem that live video broadcasting spends too much bandwidth, and helps you cut bandwidth costs by up to 99 percent.

At the same time, Haihaisoft also launched P2P set-top boxes. Haihaisoft Live technology can be used in IPTV. Haihaisoft P2P users can watch TV programs smoothly through set-top box.  

Haihaisoft Live's Principle:                                      

Each streaming media users (Client) is a node, users can base on their networks and equipment capacity to connect with one or several users to share data, some users play on-demand streaming media content entirely from other user’s on-demand streaming media, but no connection with the streaming media server; Some users play on-demand streaming media content both from the other user’s streaming media and streaming media server.

1. Adopted Haihaisoft Live technology. Common server with 5M bandwidth can support 500,000 concurrent streams.

2. Adopted Haihaisoft’s unique key buffer technology. It can fully ensure that the system has synchronized the best and the shortest delay, very short latency on wide area networks.

3. Support H.264, wmv media formats.

4. Support Haihaisoft Media-DRM (Digital Rights Management).

5. Support channel cooperation, rental and other value-added telecom services.
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