Infinite Actuary selects customized Haihaisoft Universal Player to enhance its brand

Haihaisoft announced that Infinite Actuary has adopted customized Haihaisoft Universal Player to enhance its brand. Haihaisoft Universal Player related more than 240 file formats, no matter customers open what kind of multimedia formats, the customized player will run and show Infinite Actuary brand, customers will never forget Infinite Actuary.

The Infinite Actuary is committed to using the best material with innovative media to help actuarial students reach their goals quickly and efficiently.

Features of Infinite Actuary Player-Powered by Haihaisoft:

The green skin matched Infinite Actuary logo color, and makes the company logo very impressive. It looks very elegant. With Infinite Actuary Player, customers believe the Infinite Actuary Company is very powerful and provide high quality products, and build very good long-term relationships with customers.

Library/Playlist. Haihaisoft customized Library for Infinite Actuary Player. Customers can create as many levels of folders and sub-folders as they want, and create as many playlists as they want.

About Customize Haihaisoft Universal Player

The customize player features including put company name and logo in Haihaisoft Universal Player, customize color theme, layout (a standard layout or one with related videos to the right) and functions for specific business use.
More information about Customize Haihaisoft Universal Player can be found at

About The Infinite Actuary
The Infinite Actuary, seek to provide the forum and means for the actuary to maximize the effectiveness of information and knowledge intake that will serve to enhance his or her professional progress.

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