Haihaisoft announces final releases of Haihaisoft PDF Reader

Haihaisoft announces final releases of Haihaisoft PDF Reader today.

Haihaisoft PDF Reader is a free PDF document Reader and Printer, with very small size(only 1.7 MB), extremely fast launch speed and rich feature set. It is also for reading PDF document protected by DRM-X platform.

Version: Size: 1,718 KB Updated Date: Feb 12, 2008

Latest Updates:

1. Improved Security Level.
2. Added new Encrypt this File button.
3. New ToolBar with more beautiful icon.

Haihaisoft bolstered its "The World's Most Powerful DRM Platform" with the support protect PDF documents last month. It is the world's first DRM platform which can support the world's 3 software giants' format: Microsoft Windows Media, RealNetworks Real Media, and Adobe Flash Video and PDF file format.

Haihaisoft PDF Reader, Haihaisoft Universal Player, DRM-X Audio/Video Packager and DRM-X PDF Packager form the cornerstone of Haihaisoft DRM-X “The World's Most Powerful DRM Platform" a complete end-to-end solution for protecting and selling digital contents.

The attraction to Haihaisoft's DRM-X platform makes a lot of sense. The online DRM-X platform offer proven security architecture, it is easy to apply, and protect. DRM-X provides frequent updating to keep highest security, and integrates with DRM-X web service just needs very few code changes. DRM-X's security features and flexibility is very attractive to many content owners.
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