Haihaisoft published DRM-X 4.0 watermark hard-coded and encryption SDK solution


Some high-end content providers need absolutely safe dynamic watermark, the watermark cannot be stripped and removed. In order to meet this requirements, Haihaisoft published dynamic watermark hard-coded and automatic batch encryption SDK solution. The dynamic watermark is respectively hard-coded written to the video file. Dynamic watermark information can be used as the basis for legal action, and effectively prevent the end user records of the content by external equipment.

With dynamic watermark batch hard-coded solution, for each different user, user’s Identity information will be hard-coded into video. At the same time of encoding, it also automatically encrypting the video. All of these are done automatically, includes integration with content providers website seamlessly, automatic encoding dynamic watermark, automatic encrypting and publish protected video. This solution also support multiple servers work together, doing encoding and encryption at the same time.

The encoding process is very simple. First, running encoding software and validate your account:

After you login, it will show you this interface:

Text File Path:
Content providers can output user information to .txt file. It includes dynamic watermark information.

It can include: Username, User Passport or Drivers License Number, User ID.
The txt file’s format:

Video folder path:
Specify input video path.

Output file path:
Specify output path of encoded video files.

Dynamic watermark is hardcoded into the video (screen shots):

There can be two watermarks in the video, constantly moving across the screen during playback, one watermark moving from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, another watermark from the upper right corner to the lower left corner. It’s gradient moving. Watermark font can be adjusted, you can also adjust the transparency of watermark. Dynamic watermark in video is moving randomly. It makes the watermark is very safe. Through DRM-X 4.0 encryption, it effectively protect the video content with high security level.

Static watermark is hardcoded into the video (screen shots):

The static watermark is to divide the video image into multiple blocks, and then fill the video image with multiple watermark display blocks in full screen.

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