Haihaisoft releases new Xvast browser and customize Xvast browser service


Oct 10th, 2016, Haihaisoft releases new Xvast browser for Windows, and customize Xvast browser service.

Xvast is a fast and secure browser based-on Chrome. It also supports protected premium content by DRM-X 4.0 platform. Now it supports Windows, and in the near future it will support Mac and Android platform. More information and Download Xvast for Free.

Haihaisoft also launches new Xvast browser’s website: Xvast.com (English) and Xvast.cn (Chinese). It will provides Xvast browser Download, Demo and Help information for customers.

Haihaisoft started provide customize Xvast browser service.

What can we customized for you?

  • 1. Put your company logo and rename browser name.
  • 2. Change default Skin. You can fully customize Xvast’s Skin.
  • 3. Customize browser installer with your own agreements, logo and images.
  • 4. Change default home page to yours.
  • 5. Add page URLs to favorites (You can put advertisements URL here).
  • 6. Customize browser to support specific Extensions.
  • 7. Customize browser menu. (For example, you may want to add new menu link to your Products page or Help page.)
  • 8. Change default Search Engine with your own search engine parameters. (You may put Search Engine advertisements parameters here).
  • 9. Customize DRM-X 4.0 security features. your company needs to customize browser to support encrypt images, and html data. It can meet your specific business requirements.
  • 10. Customize browser support more platforms. Currently Xvast supports Windows. If you wish customize Xvast support Android, Mac and iOS platform, please feel free to contact us.
  • 11. Other Functions
  • Learn more about customize Xvast browser service.

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