Haihaisoft releases new DRM-X 4.0(Windows) Preview


Oct 10th, 2016, Haihaisoft releases new DRM-X 4.0(Windows) Preview.

What’s new in DRM-X 4.0?

New Security Architecture

Haihaisoft redesigned security architecture for DRM-X 4.0 with higher security standards, the encryption method is completely different from DRM-X 3.0. With new Xvast Packager, the encryption is more complex and strict than before. Each file’s encryption is different. It makes hacking protected files much harder. You can force customers using the latest version of Xvast browser. It also support safer license revoke. You can revoke the license delivered to users in DRM-X 4.0 account.

New Xvast browser

Xvast browser is based-on latest Chrome core. Chrome now is most people’s favorite browser because it’s the fastest browser, and with high security level. It’s also support all the latest HTML5 standards. Haihaisoft makes Xvast browser more secure based-on Google Chrome. All the protected files can be securely opened in Xvast both (streaming online and open it in local computer or device in Xvast), and the rights permission of files can be totally controlled by Content Providers in DRM-X 4.0 platform. Such as Begin Date, Expiration Date, Expiration after First Use, Play Count, Dynamic Watermark, Disable Virtual Machine (like VMWare), Blacklist, License combined with hardware, and so on.

More exact Rights expiration limit

In DRM-X 4.0, it support more exact Rights expiration limit. In DRM-X 3.0, you can set it expires in hours. But in DRM-X 4.0 you can set it expires in seconds.

Better streaming, support HTML5 DRM

With Xvast browser, it supports new HTML5 Video tag. User’s streaming experience is as fast as Chrome’s speed. It also saves battery in Android devices than before. Your users can play high definition video online. You can still host the protected files with exists HTTP Server (Your dedicated Server or Cloud server, such as Amazon’s). Streaming also support CDN networks.

Better interaction with web pages

With HTML5 support, the video player can be full customized in your side with JavaScript and CSS. You can using famous HTML5 Video Player, such as VideoJS online. In HTML5 Video Player, you can let customer choose different playback rate to play video. Through AOT browser extension, video player can be a standalone player window and always on top. Embed the protected video and PDF into your web page much easier than before. It supports both view the protected files online and offline in Xvast browser.

Powerful Online Control Panel

Haihaisoft DRM-X 4.0 includes a powerful online control panel. It makes content providers easy to manage all business model, license rights, permissions and users.

Faster License Delivery

With strong encryption, Haihaisoft also improves license deliver speed. DRM-X 4.0 servers now deployed in both US (4.drm-x.com) and China (4.drm-x.cn). For China Mainland users connect with Chinese server is much faster. For other users, connect with US server is faster.

Better PDF support

For protected PDF, your user can view it directly in Xvast browser. User just needs to enter PDF’s URL. It also support downloaded PDF view in Xvast as well. For PDF, it supports dynamic watermark, blacklist, disable clipboard, print count limit, disable virtual printer, and so on.

More competitive

DRM-X 4.0 now support HTML5 DRM for Audio/Video and PDF. Now it can compete with Widewine, PlayReady and Adobe’s DRM. Compare to other DRM providers, DRM-X 4.0’s advantage is its more security features, such as Blacklist, dynamic watermark and revoke license. It’s also easier to use. You just need to sign up a DRM-X 4.0 account online and download Xvast Browser with Packager to start protect your valuable content.

Easier integrate with your website

You can easily integrate DRM-X 4.0 platform with your own system by consuming Haihaisoft DRM-X 4.0 XML web service. The license acquire page can be fully customized to yours. It provides better customer experience, because you still using your current website and shopping cart. Your customers acquire license and view protected files online in your website. All of these can be done in Xvast browser.

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