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Haihaisoft is core DRM technology provider since 2004. Users from: 193+ Countries
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Haihaisoft offers content copy protection, digital rights management, and related solutions that enable businesses to maximize the value of their digital content products.

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New cross platform DRM-X 4.0, with new security architecture and more advanced security features. You can securely distribute protected Audio/Video and PDF to Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android.

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Xvast browser is based-on latest Chrome core. Chrome now is most people’s favorite browser because it’s the fastest browser, and with high security level. It’s also support all the latest HTML5 standards.

Haihaisoft releases DRM-X 4.0 Platform Official Version

Haihaisoft releases new DRM-X 4.0

Haihaisoft redesigned security architecture for DRM-X 4.0 with higher security standards, the encryption method is completely different from DRM-X 3.0. Learn More

New Cross Platform HUPlayer Released!

HUPlayer is a powerful cross platform & cross browser media player which supports playing most popular formats (FLV, WMV, MP4, WAV, MP3, RMVB, AVI, MPG, 3GP, MOV) and DRM-X 3.0 protected files. Learn More

Cross Platform Haihaisoft PDF Reader.

Now available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and support cross browser. It also offers as Android DRM and iPhone DRM. It's a free PDF Reader, with extremely fast launch speed. It is also for reading PDF protected by DRM-X. Learn More

Customize HUPlayer

The customize player features including the put your company name and logo in HUPlayer, customize color theme, layout and functions for your specific business use. Learn More

Mobile phone and Portable devices

Haihaisoft provides the customization and technical support service of HUPlayer and PDF Reader for Mobile and Embedded Devices.
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Batch protect Audio/Video solution

It is a server side encrypting media files solution, which nicely integrates your websites enables protect the media files in immediately.
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Integrate with your website introduction

You can easily integrate DRM-X platform with your own system by consuming Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 XML web service.
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DRM-X 3.0 Integration Document

DRM-X 3.0 provides detailed integration document to help you integrate with PHP,, ASP and JSP websites.
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Embed HUPlayer in Browsers

You can embed HUPlayer in your web page to play protected media files online. Now it supports IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera in Windows.
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Embed PDF Reader in Browsers

You can embed Haihaisoft PDF Reader in your web page to view protected PDF files online. Now it supports IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera in Windows.
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